History of Early Bilateral Relations between Japan and Hungary (1869-1913)

31.03.2022 18:30 - 20:00

A virtual u:japan lecture by Tóth Gergely

| Abstract |

2019 marked the 150th Anniversary of bilateral relations between Hungary (as part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy) and Japan. In order to commemorate this occasion, this presentation will walk you through the results of a decade-long interdisciplinary research by giving an overview of the early history (1869-1913) of Hungaro-Japanese relations in 5 specific thematic blocks: I. History of Modernization; II. History of Expeditions and Travel; III. Diplomatic and Economic History; IV. Cultural, Literary and Art History; V. History of Ideologies. Were there any similarities between Hungary and Japan in terms of modernization? Did they keep an eye on each other’s progress? How did the Hungarian side of the Monarchy perceive relations with Japan? How was Hungary represented in Japan? Who were the Hungarian and Japanese actors who shaped this relationship? Why did Japanese travelers come to Hungary? Why did Hungarians travel to Japan? What were the main channels of knowledge exchange between Hungary and Japan? What were the main areas that sparked interests about Japan in Hungary and vice-versa? How did Japan appear in Hungarian literary works? How did Japonism appear in the Hungarian side of the Monarchy? How could an alternative belief of Hungarian-Japanese kinship influence this relationship before the First World War? This presentation will offer answers to these and many other questions.

| Bio |

Tóth Gergely is an independent researcher from Hungary, Budapest. He holds an MA in Japanese Studies from Gaspar Karoli University of the Reformed Church in Budapest, Hungary and has spent 2 years at Waseda University in Tokyo as a MEXT student. His interdisciplinary research is revolving around the history of relations between Hungary in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Meiji + Taisho-era Japan during the 1869-1913 period. He is constantly working on the re-evaluation, demistification, objectivation of the early Hungaro-Japanese relations, by applying a critical approach. Publications: Japán-Magyar Kapcsolattörténet 1869-1913 (2018)

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Thursday 2022-03-31, 18:30~20:00
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