Global Memory Culture and the "Comfort Women"

18.03.2021 16:30 - 18:00

Jour fixe Kulturwissenschaften mit Carol Gluck, Columbia University, New York City in cooperation with the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna.


The practices and norms of public memory have changed in the decades since the end of World War Il creating what Carol Gluck calls a "global memory culture." Changes in the law, the role of witnesses, the realm of rights, the politics of apology, and concepts of responsibility have transformed our understanding of doing justice to the past. And in each instance the former comfort women have played a role in that transformation, helping to change attitudes toward sexual violence and women's rights helping, in short, to change the world.

- Carol Gluck is a member of the advisory board of the Globalized Memorial Museums" ERC project.
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18. März 2021, 16h30 - 18h, online via Zoom
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