List of u:japan lectures

ID Date Lecture Title [Link to Record] Name [Link to Poster] Affiliation cc
s07e11 2024-01-25 Das „Sehen“ als Politikum: die japanische Souvenirphotographie aus den 1890er Jahren im Spannungsfeld der Blickregime Mio Wakita-Elis MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst, Wien at
s00e01 2020-05-18 Tracing Atomic Utopia and Dystopia in Japan Nakao Maika  Nagasaki University jp
s00e02 2020-06-04 Shamanic practices in contemporary Japan: Local habits and national fascination Marianna Zanetta University of Turin it
s00e03 2020-06-18 Locating Heisei in Japanese Film: The Historical Imagination of the Lost Decades Marc Yamada Brigham Young University us
s00e04 2020-06-25 From Fenollosa to kokubungaku – aesthetics and the birth of the utsukushii Nihon Arthur Mitteau Paris EHESS’s Centre for Studies on Corea, China and Japan (CCJ) fr
s01e01 2020-10-15 Work "like a woman": The construction of femininity and the female body in the Japanese job hunting Anna Lughezzani University of Padova, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and University of Verona it
s01e02 2020-10-22 Abe Kazushige’s Male Homosocial Worlds: Duels and Complaints Maria Roemer University of Leeds uk
s01e03 2020-10-29 85 years of Suye Mura: The life history of a Japanese village—and its anthropology William Kelly Yale University us
s01e04 2020-11-05 Menstruation und Konzeptionen von Weiblichkeit im japanischen Mittelalter Daniela Tan Universität Zürich (UZH) ch
s01e05 2020-11-19 Model Emotion: Android Perspectives on Affect in Japan Daniel White  University of Cambridge uk
s01e06 2020-11-26 ‘Creativity’ in rural Japan: Sōzō nōson and its implications in regional revitalization policies Shilla Lee  Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology de
s01e07 2020-12-10 Storehouses of value: materiality of belonging in Japanese Buddhist temples Paulina Kolata University of Manchester / Lund University uk, se
s01e08 2020-12-17 Ceding Control: Politics, the Environment and Japan’s Food System Nicole Freiner Bryant University us
s01e09 2021-01-07 The fear of others – Taijinkyōfu: Emergence, development and demise of a psychiatric diagnosis Sarah Terrail Lormel INALCO (Paris) fr
s01e10 2021-01-14 Japanese in the Age of Post-Standardization: Language Trends in the 21st Century Asahi Yoshiyuki National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics jp
s01e11 2021-01-28 The Single-Gender Worlds of Suzuki Izumi, Kurahashi Yumiko and Shōno Yoriko – A Short History of Ambivalence Towards All-Female Worlds in Japanese Speculative Fiction Stefan Würrer International Christian University jp
s02e01 2021-03-04 Geschlecht und Faschismus in Darstellungen der japanischen Siedlungsaktivitäten in der Mandschurei Jasmin Rückert Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf de
s02e02 2021-03-11 Love in the Time of COVID-19: The ‘New Normal’ in the TV Series #rimorabu (“Remote Love”) Elisabeth Scherer & Nora Kottmann Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf & DIJ Tokyo de, jp
s02e03 2021-03-18 Conceptualizing Robotic Agency: Social Robots in Elder Care in Contemporary Japan Anne Aronsson University of Zurich / Universität Bern ch
s02e04 2021-03-25 Transcultural Potentials of dōjinshi Culture Katharina Hülsmann Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf de
s02e05 2021-04-15 Local Governance in Okinawa: A Case Study from Oku Gabriele Vogt LMU Munich de
s02e06 2021-04-22 From Glass to Plastics: The Packaging Revolution of Postwar Japan Katarzyna J. Cwiertka Leiden University nl
s02e07 2021-04-29 Japanese Literary Nationalism and Brazil, 1908-1941 Edward Mack University of Washington us
s02e08 2021-05-06 Science for Governing Japan’s Population Aya Homei Manchester University uk
s02e09 2021-05-20 How independently oriented values induce positive outcomes in Japanese interdependent organizations Uchida Yukiko Kyoto University jp
s02e10 2021-05-27 From Private to Public and Back? The Townscape Councils of Kyoto Christoph Brumann Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology de
s02e11 2021-06-10 Zen and the Art of Ending Taishō Democracy Brian Victoria Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies jp
s02e12 2021-06-17 Revitalizing rural Japan through crafts Cornelia Reiher FU Berlin de
s02e13 2021-06-24 A hug on trash day (ハグは資源ゴミの日): Actualising social order through household waste disposal practices Brigitte Steger University of Cambridge uk
s03e01 2021-10-14 Tatamis and Concrete – Antonin Raymond and the challenges of early modern architecture in interwar Japan Yola Gloaguen CRCAO fr
s03e02 2021-10-21 Frauen als groteske Monster – Weiblichkeit und Abjektion in den Werken Kirino Natsuos Anna-Lena von Garnier Universität Düsseldorf de
s03e03 2021-10-28 What Does the Individual Stand for? Victims, Survivors and Noble Spirits in Japanese Memorial Museums Frauke Kempka & André Hertrich ÖAW at
s03e04 2021-11-04 Das Ende des Intimen - Raumkonstruktionen in Murata Sayakas Satsujin Shussan Ronald Saladin Universität Trier de
s03e05 2021-11-11 Zuflucht in Shanghai - The Port of Last Resort Paul Rosdy "ZUFLUCHT IN SHANGHAI" freischaffender Filmemacher, Wien at
s03e06 2021-11-18 Japankoreanische hibakusha als Irritation nationaler Narrative: Die Erzählung Saihate no futari („Zwei Menschen am Rande“, 1999) von Sagisawa Megumu Maren Haufs-Brusberg Universität Düsseldorf de
s03e07 2021-11-25 “Manner Posters” and the Management of Passenger Etiquette on Japanese Urban Railways Christoph Schimkowsky University of Sheffield uk
s03e08 2021-12-02 Help (Not) Wanted: Immigration Politics in Japan Michael Strausz Texas Christian University us
s03e09 2021-12-09 Community-based Renewable Energy Structures: A Case of Small Hydropower in a Japanese Rural Community Junko Fukumoto Fukuoka Prefectural University jp
s03e11 2022-01-13 ISLANDS FOR LIFE: Art Projects and Post-Growth Philosophies in Japan Adrian Favell University of Leeds uk
s03e12 2022-01-20 Tensions of Making and the Art of Breaking: Putting Salt Fields to Rest in 19th Century Japan Aleksandra Kobiljski EHESS fr
s03e13 2022-01-27 Transition from Painted to Painter: The Female Body of Okinawa and its Women Artists Eriko Tomizawa-Kay University of East Anglia uk
s04e01 2022-03-10 They Heard it Through the Grapevine: Rumour Spreading, Poisonous Knowledge and the Political Ecology of Hauntings in Contemporary Japan Andrea de Antoni Kyoto University jp
s04e02 2022-03-17 Urban Migrants in Rural Japan: Between Agency and Anomie in a Post-growth Society Susanne Klien Hokkaido University jp
s04e03 2022-03-24 Ukrainian Diaspora in Occupied Manchuria: Articulating the Needs for the Independent State (1932-1945) Olga Khomenko Kyiv Mohyla Business School (KMBS),The National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Ukraine ua
s04e04 2022-03-31 History of Early Bilateral Relations between Japan and Hungary (1869-1913) Tóth Gergely independent researcher, Budapest hu
s04e05 2022-04-07 Let's make it an inconvenient place here: Opposing over-tourism in Kyoto’s Gion before and during the pandemic Miloš Debnár Ryukoku University, Kyoto jp
s04e07 2022-05-05 Oshi-katsu, Supporting activity: Recognition and Intimacy as Commodities from the Anthropological Study of Japanese josei-muke Adult Video Fan Communities Maiko Kodaka SOAS, London uk
s04e08 2022-05-12 International students and their organisations in Japan during the pandemic and beyond Polina Ivanova Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto jp
s04e09 2022-05-19 East Asian Reactions to Russia's War in Ukraine: Governmental and Civil Society Responses Alfred Gerstl et al. Universität Wien at
s04e10 2022-06-02 Japanesia, the Ryūkyū Arc, and Shimao Toshio’s Cultural Resistance Against the Colonial Politics of the Past Takahashi Shin Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington nz
s04e12 2022-06-23 Millennials’ Senses of Inequality: Class, Gender, and Legitimation of Differences in Tokyo Yuki Asahina Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul kr
s04e13 2022-06-30 Neighborhood Tokyo: Creative Urban Milieus as Places of Innovation and Polarization Heide Imai Senshu University jp
s05e01 2022-10-06 Where a Nuclear Meltdown and Sexwork Intersect: Discovering the stories in the film “Boys for Sale” Ian Thomas Ash Filmmaker jp
s05e02 2022-10-13 Ryokan: Mobilizing Hospitality in Rural Japan Chris McMorran Singapur National University sg
s05e03 2022-10-20 Japanische Gartenkunst: Ästhetik und Gestaltung Takuhiro Yamada Gartenbaumeister, Japan jp
s05e04 2022-10-27 Depopulation, property,and land issues: Addressing the akiya mondai in regional Japan Niccolò Lollini University of Oxford uk
s05e05 2022-11-03 高森町の自助・共助・公助について - Selbsthilfe, Kooperation und staatliche Hilfe in Takamori-machi Tsuru Tomoyuki Takamori-machi jp
s05e07 2022-11-17 Shurijō in 2022: The Politics of Cultural Heritage on the 50th Anniversary of Okinawa’s Reversion Tze M. Loo University of Richmond us
s05e08 2022-11-24 Furry Companions: Pets in Contemporary Japan Barbara Holthus DIJ Tokyo de
s05e09 2022-12-01 Transpacific Visions: Connected Histories of the Pacific across North and South Yasuko Hassall-Kobayashi Ritsumeikan University jp
s05e10 2022-12-15 How to live with a nuclear disaster on one’s farmland: A longitudinal narrative approach to Fukushima Farmers’ life experiences Anna Wiemann Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München de
s05e11 2023-01-12 Feldforschung zum Thema Pflegerobotik in Japan: Praxisbericht aus der Sicht einer Forschungsbibliothekarin Cosima Wagner Freie Universität Berlin de
s05e12 2023-01-19 Nō from Anthropological Perspective - Zeami vs present, tradition vs practice - Ivan Rumánek Masaryk University cz
s05e13 2023-01-26 The role of institutional contexts for social inequalities in study abroad intent and participation – Evidence from Japan Steve R. Entrich Universität Potsdam de
s06e01 2023-03-02 キャンプ文学の構想:旧満洲、シベリアその他 - Ein kleines Konzept von Lager-Literatur: Mandschurei, Siberien usw. 坪井秀人 Tsuboi Hideto Waseda University jp
s06e02 2023-03-09 Die Yakuza im Aussterben: Neu(un)ordnung der japanischen Unterwelt Wolfgang Herbert Tokushima University jp
s06e03 2023-03-16 Jüdische Filmemacher im Shanghaier Exil während der japanischen Okkupation: Betrachtungen zum Dokumentarfilm Driven People/ Sokoku o owarete (1940) von Gertrud Wolffsohn Roland Domenig Meiji Gakuin University jp
s06e04 2023-03-23 It’s a (Gentle)Men’s World: Gendered Communities within Tenjin Matsuri Carmen Sapunaru Tămaș University of Hyogo jp
s06e06 2023-04-20 The EU Migrant Generation in Asia: Middle-Class Aspirations in Asian Global Cities Helena Hof University of Zurich ch
s06e08 2023-05-04 Yakuwarigo – real or fictionalized speech? How real Japanese influences role languages and how role languages are reflected in real Japanese Patrycja Duc-Harada Jagiellonian University in Cracow pl
s06e09 2023-05-11 Women and Martial Art in Japan Kate Sylvester The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH se
s06e10 2023-05-25 Climate Change: Trends, Policies, and Japan‘s Efforts in the Global Endeavours towards Net-Zero Otaka Junichiro Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Japan in Austria at
s06e12 2023-06-15 Higuchi Ryuichi: "Über meinen Großvater und dessen Aktivitäten im Zusammenhang mit der jüdischen Emigration nach Osten" Higuchi Ryuichi Meiji Gakuin Universität jp
s06e13 2023-06-22 User Engagement Against Online Hate Speech: The #Netto-uyo BAN Matsuri since 2018 Ayaka Löschke FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg de
s06e14 2023-06-29 Zen in den Kampfkünsten, oder wie verhält sich Religion zum Krieg? Wolfgang Herbert Tokushima University jp
s07e01 2023-10-12 The Grand Festivals of Edo (tenka matsuri): Religion, Performance, and Politics in the Shogun's Capital during the Early Modern Period Gerald Groemer University of Yamanashi jp
s07e02 2023-10-19 Technik, Ethik, Pragmatik: Der Diskurs um autonome Waffen in Japan Bernhard Seidl University of Vienna at
s07e03 2023-11-02 Immigrant Integration in Japan: Barriers and Challenges Hirohisa Takenoshita Keio University jp
s07e04 2023-11-08 Geschlechter und Sexualitäten im modernen Japan Sabine Frühstück University of California, Santa Barbara us
s07e05 2023-11-16 Cross-dress boys and girlish avatars: wearing the outfits of 'shōjo' characters to become non-binary and refuse social and gender categories Sharon Kinsella University of Manchester uk
s07e06 2023-11-23 Women in the Workplace in Contemporary Japan: Matsuda Aoko's Works (b. 1979) Daniela Moro Università di Torino it
s07e07 2023-11-30 The Intersection of Travel, Work and Migration: Challenges and Prospects for the case of Niseko, a ski resort in Hokkaido Atsushi Takeda Ritsumeikan University jp
s07e08 2023-12-07 Grieving One-self: Mortuary Care for Social Singles in Japan Anne Allison Duke University us
s07e09 2024-01-11 Scandal in Japan: Transgression, Performance, and Ritual Igor Prusa Ambis University cz
s07e10 2024-01-18 Meoto Iwa: The Shinto Rocks that Influenced Gustav Klimt’s Key Canvases Svitlana Shiells National Museum of Asian Art, Washington, D.C us