„Peripheres“ lesen: Eine Erkundung der lokalen Literaturszene in Iwate


von Tamara Kamerer behandelt die gegenwärtige Literaturproduktion in der Präfektur Iwate; erschienen im zweiten Band der Reihe Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung der düsseldorf university press: Das ländliche Japan zwischen Idylle und Verfall: Diskurse um Regionalität, Natur und Nation.


This paper studies the present-day literary production in the prefecture of Iwate. A look back to the dawn of the 20th century shows that some similarities are still in place: self-publishing, regional and prefectural awards for local literature and pub­lishing through local newspapers. Also, the local outlets still seem to have mostly a local audience in mind. However, in the last years some authors from and in Iwate have managed not only to make a living from their profession, but also to reach the national market and win the most prestigious literary prizes. This paper points out the main actors and institutions in Iwate’s literary scene and sheds light on the con­ditions that facilitated certain changes. Thus, this case study adds to the efforts of de­lineating ‘peripheral’ cultural production and bringing it to the centre of attention.


Kamerer, Tamara. 2020. „‚Peripheres‘ lesen: Eine Erkundung der lokalen Literaturszene in Iwate“. In Das ländliche Japan zwischen Idylle und Verfall, herausgegeben von Ludgera Lewerich, Theresa Sieland und Timo Thelen, 121–42. Düsseldorf: düsseldorf university press.