22.10.2020 18:30

Our second virtual u:japan lecture this fall by Maria Roemer explores the Japanese writer Abe Kazushige’s early fiction.


Winter Semester 2020/2021 - Programme

11 X academics

11 X recent studies on japan

11 X u:japan lectures

15.10.2020 18:30

Our first virtual u:japan lecture this fall by Anna Lughezzani explores the construction of femininity and the female body in the Japanese job hunting...

12.08.2020 10:00

This conference addresses the complexity of rural change and decline in the context of debates on globalization and power differences. As such, it...

25.06.2020 18:30

This virtual lecture by Arthur Mitteau explores the shift from the first iterations of modern aesthetical discourse to the men that first held the...

18.06.2020 18:30

This presentation will discuss the films of the “lost decades” of Japan’s Heisei period (1989–2019)—three decades of economic stagnation, social...