The Japanorama is a series of events that takes place every year in the second week of the summer semester (mid-March) within the premises of the Japanese Studies branch of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna and hosts exciting scientific lectures and presentations over the course of one week. These are based on an overarching theme dealing with contemporary social and cultural aspects regarding Japan. In addition to in-house lecturers, lectures are regularly held by renowned international experts in the field of Japanese Studies.

Thus, the Japanorama offers interesting insights into current research on Japan-related topics as well as the opportunity to network with various people and participate in in-depth discussions.

The event is paired with the East Asian Day (“Ostasientag”), which takes place annually on the Rector’s Day (Dies Academicus, March 12). Here, graduates of the Department of East Asian Studies (Japanese Studies, Sinology, Korean Studies and East Asian Economy and Society) present their Master’s theses and dissertations. In addition, short lectures on East Asian related topics are held by chosen guest speakers.

The Japanorama and the East Asian Day are the prelude to a rich series of events taking place over the course of the summer semester.

This section contains extensive reports of the events from previous years.

* Most of the lectures and discussion events are in German.