Representations of Diversity in Japanese Media

Representations of (Ethnic, Social and Gender) Diversity in Japanese Literature, film, television and other media

| Brief description |

Ina Hein has been and is currently conducting research on postcolonial representations of Okinawa in Japanese (and Okinawan) literature, film, television series and other media formats, aiming at a broader understanding of the discourse on Okinawa and its relationship to Japan since the 1990s. Other research interests include “Representations of (Ethnic, Social and Gender) Diversity in Japanese Literature and other Media”, “Interconnections between Japanese and ‘Western’ literatures”, “Literature and film as means of coping with trauma”, as well as exophony and multilingualism in contemporary Japanese literature.

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| Main contributors |

  • Prof. Dr. Ina Hein
  • Prof. Dr. Christina Ivanovic
  • Ripplinger, Michaela Chiaki
  • Gmeinbauer, Christina
  • Kamerer, Tamara
  • Gregus, Adam
  • Tomic, Marija
  • Höppe, Liliane
  • Windhab, Ralf
  • Engl, Astrid

| Major publications |

Hein, Ina and Christina Ivanovic, eds. 2020. Schnittstelle Japan. Kontakte, Kostruktionen, Tramsformationen. München: Iudicium (Link:

Hein, Ina and Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer, eds. 2015. 40 Years since Reversion. Negotiating the Okinawan Difference in Japan Today. Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies Division (= Beiträge zur Japanologie; 44). Link:

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